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South Utica Newsletter #39

Welcome to South Utica Newsletter #39 from Councilperson Celeste Friend! In this edition, the Councilperson updates us on a variety of topics, such as the rehabilitation of a pond at New Forest Cemetery, new public art in downtown Utica, and an upcoming flower show. The newsletter also announces Utica’s role as host for the 2024 International Women’s Hockey Tournament. Important reminders on green waste management and details of the Councilperson’s votes over the summer months are also covered.

Table of Contents

  1. Rehabilitated Pond at New Forest Cemetery
  2. New Beautiful Art Downtown
  3. Third Annual Flower Show and Garden Tour
  4. International Women’s Hockey Tournament Comes to Utica
  5. Green Waste Must Be Containerized!
  6. My Votes on the Council in June, July, and August 2023
  7. Ordinances Authorizing The Sale of Wine and Beer
  8. Traffic Ordinances
  9. URA Properties Sold
  10. Sale of Property at Public Auction
  11. Board of Assessment Review Appointment
  12. Resolutions for Grants
  13. Intermunicipal Agreements
  14. Ordinance Authorizing Sale of UPD Vehicles
  15. Transfers from the Board of Estimate & Apportionment
  16. Bond Ordinances for $2,750,000 and for $250,000
  17. Honorary Street Sign for Father Joseph Salerno
  18. Proclamation Honoring the Life of Alfred “Al” LaSalle
  19. Commissioners of Deeds
  20. Residency Waivers

Celeste believes in the power of communication. She believes that democracy is stronger, and we are empowered as citizens, when we are kept informed. So she writes a regular monthly newsletter that keeps people informed of business before the Council, how she votes, and other important information about Utica. She also writes a series of newsletters called “How Utica Works,” which explains various functions of city government. Sign up today and be in the loop!

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