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Maintaining Infrastructure

Our roads, sidewalks, parks, and other public infrastructure connect our community and help improve our lives every day. That’s why all communities in our city deserve equal access to these important resources. As Mayor, I will use an open and transparent process that engages the community to identify the most important repairs for the city to make.

Public Safety

All members of our community deserve to feel safe and protected, regardless of their background or circumstances. We must foster a positive, accountable relationship between our emergency services and community members to prevent crime before it happens. Public safety also means investing in our youth to keep them on the right track, combatting the lead poisoning epidemic, which impacts about a third of Utica’s children, keeping our streets safe for pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers alike, and more. I will appoint an independent Public Safety Commissioner who will oversee all aspects of public safety, free from politics. As Mayor, I will have a holistic, prevention-based vision for public safety focused on keeping people across all parts of the city safe at home, on the street, and in our schools.


Housing is a human right. All people deserve to be sheltered in a safe, affordable home. About a third of Uticans are paying more than they can afford for housing and the unhoused population has increased, and many properties are poorly maintained. Ensuring that these properties are well-maintained and meet code requirements is critical for ensuring the health and safety of residents. As Mayor, I will work to address the City’s housing affordability crisis by investing in our housing stock, promoting home ownership, enforcing codes requirements, and working to lower renting costs.


All Uticans deserve a safe environment and good jobs. Climate change is here, increasing flooding, making storms more extreme, and damaging our infrastructure. Our community is ready to rise to the occasion and fight the climate crisis. As Mayor, I will use climate change adaptation as an opportunity to create good jobs and make Utica a recognized leader in climate action by encouraging electric vehicles and public transit, investing in flooding mitigation projects,  protecting our parks and trees, and more.

Livable Communities

We all deserve a livable community that meets everyone’s needs regardless of age, ability, or background. That means people at every stage of life need to be able to afford their lifestyle, get from place to place, have food nearby, and be connected to one another. From young people who need career and social opportunities to settle down here, to retired folks who need accessible amenities, and everyone in between, as your Mayor I will work to promote walkable neighborhoods that meet our communities’ daily needs.

Arts & Culture

One of Utica’s greatest strengths is our unique and historic culture, including great food, big public arts displays, and many festivals and events that show the vibrant mix of cultures that call the city home. Arts and culture support both local businesses and community building, and promoting these critical assets will be a priority as your Mayor. I will create a Public Arts Commission to maintain and grow our local arts scene.

Local Business

Local business keeps money and resources in Utica and builds a thriving community identity, but running one can be difficult when competing with large companies. Our community needs to make local businesses a priority and remove obstacles to their operation. I will work with local business leaders as Mayor to promote local commerce.

Government Transparency

Government is supposed to work for the people, but that’s not possible when the public is not offered opportunities to get involved or educated on how local government operates. I will have regular town halls, roundtables, and meetings with community members to discuss the issues. I will ensure information is accessible on a revamped City of Utica website, distribute newsletters, and regularly post updates about our work on social media. Ensuring community members of all backgrounds have a seat at the table and that the community knows about issues that will impact them will be a top priority of my administration.

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