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South Utica Newsletter #9

Welcome to South Utica Newsletter #9 by Councilperson Celeste Friend! In this issue, the newsletter reflects on the record voter turnout in the 2020 election and the various ways people were able to vote. It also provides updates on flooding mitigation efforts, the new zoning ordinance, and a ride-along experience with the Utica Police Department. The newsletter highlights the old Bendix site’s status, a spotlight on Stathis Greek Restaurant & Gyro, and a call for South Utica gardeners. Councilperson Friend’s votes on the Council are detailed, and information on constituent hours and the importance of beautifying neighborhoods through gardening is included.

Table of Contents

  • Election 2020
  • Flooding
  • The New Zoning Ordinance
  • Ride Along with the UPD
  • Constituent Hours
  • Old Bendix Site
  • Spotlight on a Local Business: Stathis Greek Restaurant & Gyro
  • Calling All South Utica Gardeners!
  • My Votes on the Council

Celeste believes in the power of communication. She believes that democracy is stronger, and we are empowered as citizens, when we are kept informed. So she writes a regular monthly newsletter that keeps people informed of business before the Council, how she votes, and other important information about Utica. She also writes a series of newsletters called “How Utica Works,” which explains various functions of city government. Sign up today and be in the loop!

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