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South Utica Newsletter #34

Welcome to South Utica Newsletter #34 from Councilperson Celeste Friend! This edition discusses the future of St. Elizabeth’s campus, including the development of a master re-use plan for the site. It also provides the final update on Stewart’s proposal, introduces the Chamber Music Society of Utica, announces a new crematorium at Forest Hill Cemetery, and highlights a large parcel of land for sale at Genesee and Shepherd. Information on the Utica Curling Club’s open houses, Councilperson Friend’s votes in January 2023, and the Utica University Thursday Film Series is also included. The newsletter concludes with details on the sale of URA properties, budget transfers, and a link to watch Common Council meetings online.

Table of Contents

  • What Will Happen to St. Elizabeth’s?
  • Stewart’s: Final Update
  • Chamber Music Society of Utica
  • New Crematorium at Forest Hill Cemetery
  • Utica University Thursday Film Series
  • Large Parcel at Genesee and Shepherd For Sale
  • Utica Curling Club – March Open Houses
  • My Votes on the Council in January 2023
  • URA Properties sold
  • Report from E&A – January 2023
  • Watch Common Council Meetings Online
  • Newsletter Archive Now Online

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