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South Utica Newsletter #31

Welcome to South Utica Newsletter #31 from Councilperson Celeste Friend! This edition provides the latest update on Stewart’s Shop on Genesee Street, including the Scenic & Historic Commission’s meeting and the introduction of a Local Law to allow Councilmembers to speak at certain meetings. It also covers the formation of a new union at the Utica Zoo, the implementation of Complete Streets on Genesee Street, Councilperson Friend’s votes in October 2022, and the sale of URA properties. The newsletter highlights efforts to beautify Utica, the report from the Board of Estimate and Apportionment for October 2022, and encourages watching Common Council meetings online. The South Utica Neighborhood Association (SUNA) meetings and newsletter archive are also mentioned.

Table of Contents

  • Update on Stewart’s Shop on Genesee St
  • My Local Law
  • The Utica Zoo has a new union
  • Complete Streets – Genesee from Cottage Place to Oriskany Blvd
  • My Votes on the Council in October 2022
  • URA Properties sold
  • Help Me To Beautify Utica!
  • Report from E&A – October 2022
  • Watch Common Council Meetings Online
  • Go to SUNA and Stay Informed
  • Newsletter Archive Now Online

Celeste believes in the power of communication. She believes that democracy is stronger, and we are empowered as citizens, when we are kept informed. So she writes a regular monthly newsletter that keeps people informed of business before the Council, how she votes, and other important information about Utica. She also writes a series of newsletters called “How Utica Works,” which explains various functions of city government. Sign up today and be in the loop!

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