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South Utica Newsletter #16

Welcome to South Utica Newsletter #16 by Councilperson Celeste Friend! In this issue, the newsletter discusses the Utica Prosperity Initiative, the opportunity to create long-term prosperity with federal and state funds, and the formation of the South Utica Advisory Board. It also highlights the RoCo (Roscoe Conkling) Walkers, the reopening of City Hall to the public, the First Annual Utica Garden Walk and Flower Show, and the Uptown Theater’s “Save A Seat Now” campaign. The newsletter includes a spotlight on crime prevention tips, a proposal for a Facebook Common Council Page, and details on Councilperson Friend’s votes on the Council for May 2021.

Table of Contents

  • The Utica Prosperity Initiative
  • The RoCo (Roscoe Conkling) Walkers
  • New! South Utica Advisory Board
  • Common Council Open to Public and Public Comment is Back
  • First Annual Utica Garden Walk and Flower Show
  • Crime Prevention Tip: Lock Your Cars
  • Uptown Theater: Save A Seat Now
  • Facebook Common Council Page
  • My Votes on the Council in May

Celeste believes in the power of communication. She believes that democracy is stronger, and we are empowered as citizens, when we are kept informed. So she writes a regular monthly newsletter that keeps people informed of business before the Council, how she votes, and other important information about Utica. She also writes a series of newsletters called “How Utica Works,” which explains various functions of city government. Sign up today and be in the loop!

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