From the beginning, I have campaigned to create a more engaged and informed electorate. I believe that democracy is stronger when we know more and participate more.

I run big, active, people-powered campaigns with dozens of Volunteers who talk to hundreds and hundreds of people. Why? Because I believe that we ought to run a campaign that reflects how I intend to govern. I believe in, and I want, the kind of democracy where we are all engaged, where everyone’s voices are heard, where we all get to be part of the decisions about how to create the city we want to live in.

My vision for Utica prioritizes quality of life for everyone. Safe, healthy housing is necessary for all of us to lead our best lives here. And those homes need to exist in safe and secure neighborhoods. Protecting and enhancing quality of life also includes making sure that we are ready for climate change and acting to mitigate against its worst effects. We also need to maintain our infrastructure, including both streets AND sidewalks. It also means investing in our beautiful parks and making Utica into a recreation destination. I will continue to promote our local economy, including our arts and cultural institutions.

When we create a stronger, more robust democracy here in Utica, then together we can create the Utica where we are all happier and we all thrive. The quality of our lives depends on a more engaged, more active politics right here at home.